Dao Trinh

Université de La Rochelle, France
Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Ingénieur pour l’Environnement


Dr. Dao Trinh is currently an Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences) in the Department of Chemistry, University La Rochelle, France. 

He integrates in the research axis B2 of the laboratory LaSIE, which focus on the protection of materials in aggressive environment by using a protective coating, especially developing the local electrochemical techniques (SECM, LEIS, SVET) to investigate the kinetics and the mechanisms of the localized corrosion process at micro/nanoscale.

Professional positions

  • Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, University La Rochelle, Sep 2012 - til present.

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, McGill University, Jan 2012 - Aug 2012.

  • Teaching Assistant (Monitorat CIES), Université Pierre Marie Curie, Oct 2008 - Sep 2011.


  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, McGill University, Jan 2012 - Aug 2012

Numerical Simulation in Electrochemistry,  Prof. Janine Mauzeroll.

  • Ph.D., Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Oct 2008 - Sep 2011

Analytical Chemistry, Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy,  Dr. Vincent Vivier.

  • Master II, Université du Sud Toulon Var, Sep 2007 - Sep 2008

Durability and Reliability of Materials.

  • B.Sc., Vietnam National University of Natural Sciences 2003 - 2007

Inorganic Chemistry of Material

High School for the Gifted, Chemistry 2000 - 2003.

Affiliation with research centers

  • 2012-present      LaSIE: Laboratoire de l'Ingenieur pour l'Environement.

  • Jan - Aug 2012   Janine Mauzeroll Lab: Laboratory for Electrochemical Reactive                                         Imaging and Detection of Biological Systems.

  • 2008-2011         LISE UPR15 CNRS: Laboratoire Interfaces et Systemes Électrochimiques


  • Ph.D. Fellowship from the French Ministry of Research and New Technologies, Sep 2008 - Oct 2011 (~ 50000€) 

  • AUF Fellowship Master II of Science, France, Sep 2007 - Jun 2008 (~ 8500€)

  • Title “Representative Student” of Vietnam National University of Natural Sciences - 3 aspects: Study, Social activities, Sport, Sep 2006

  • AUF Summer Scholarship Cultural and Linguistic Invitation, France, Aug 2005 (~ 1800€)

  • First Prize “Advance Calculation for Calculator CASIO” of Vietnam National University of Natural Sciences, Fev 2003

  • Second Prize “The National Youth Informatics Contest” of Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Formation, Jun 1999

  • First Prize “The Youth Informatics Contest” in Dong-Nai province, Vietnam, May 2000